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There’s a theory that people are more likely to complete tasks that they announce publicly. I’m going to give that a shot. I’ve taught myself how to do a variety of beginner to intermediate things in a handful of programming languages. In fact, the most frequently visited posts on this blog are to the solutions that I posted to the Hillegass Cocoa book.

Working through books is both a plus and a minus to me. I get bored with the exercises because they rarely are meaningful — only small simple snippets to teach a concept. What I really would like is a full-fledged tutorial that goes from launching Xcode to completing an application of moderate complexity that serves a useful purpose. This tutorial would explain concepts as it went along; perhaps it would be more of a draw-by-numbers exercise than a standard programming tutorial.

Nevertheless, I have yet to find such a tutorial or book. I therefore am going to use the resources available to me to try to create a simple Cocoa application that serves a useful purpose (to me). Said application will generate population pyramids similar to those in the previous post. I hope to learn more about programming in Obj-C and Cocoa during the process. I’ll post my progress and results here and make the code available on github.


Written by Clay

August 12, 2010 at 17:52

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