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I’ve been living in a Dayquil haze for the past several days, unable to do much other than look forward to the departure of this cold/flu that I have. I hope it’s H1N1, just to get that out of the way, but who knows? Between bouts of delirium, I’ve managed to update the population generator a little. It now assigns a weight and height to everybody, based on national statistics. Weight and height for children under 18 are assigned based on CDC growth charts, whereby the children are put on a course to achieve a BMI that corresponds with the national average. BMI reads differently for children, so it is not displayed for them. The chart on the lower-left is the distribution of the population based on BMI. It’s not perfect, but comes close to mimicking the US data.

bmi calcs


Written by Clay

November 11, 2009 at 16:01

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  1. […] Pick a very simple project that interests you and start working on it immediately. You may veer away from any book or text that you are following, but your own project will capture your imagination far more than book projects. I have an interest in simulating populations for public health purposes, so I decided to write a small program that would generate populations. […]

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